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Open Source Enterprise Ready

API Automation Framework

See why BeAPI is the most comprehensive and fastest growing open source API framework used by enterprises and startups today.

Our services are used at

The BeAPI Framework provides...

  • Fast Development

  • Reduced I/O Overhead

  • Bootstrapping

  • Improved Speeds

  • API Multitenancy

  • Automated Batch Jobs

  • Built-In Localized Cache

  • Built-In API Docs

  • Oauth2

  • API Chaining (R)

  • Automated Webhooks

  • Built-In Profiler

Aside from providing all that functionality, BeAPI automates 90% of functionality reducing development time, improving integration ease and improving scalability.

This makes it easier to manage as part of:

  • continuous integration

  • ongoing development

  • integration with existing resources

Plus we provide all the resources to get your entire api solution up and rolling in a single day!

Don't worry ... BeApi

Benchmarks below show 50 tests done with 1000 concurrency for a length of 3000 requests achieving a peak of 5500/requests per second on a 3.4 Ghz Proc with 4 cores & 2GB of RAM. This test was done with our benchmarking tools which are used by companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

What makes us the #1 API Library for Springboot and Grails?

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